Yield Management System (YMS)

Production yield is a metric that results from dividing the number of good parts produced by the total number of parts started in production. Manufacturers continue to drive toward cheaper, faster, and more reliable products. The prime factor in determining the cost of a product is its manufacturing yield. Yield improvement is vigorously pursued via measurements against the targets, establishing action plans and tightening the targets in a cyclical mode. For all of those reasons, our Real-time YMS helps manufacturers to uncover “hidden factory” that decreases the quality or efficiency of operations.

i-MES YMS Module includes :-

  • Rolling yield and output chart
  • Automated triggering:-
    • Alarm and SMS/email notifications to stakeholders when yield and output are underperformed.
    • Reset enabled after action has been taken
    • Event log

About i-Mes

i-MES is an industry 4.0 shop floor online Manufacturing Execution System for smart factory. We offer end-to-end wireless network of manufacturing workflow solution.

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