Statistical Process Control (SPC)

A control chart is a specialized time series plot designed to help identify abnormal patterns of variability in a process. However, many manufacturers find this information comes in too late for earlier intervention to prevent costly scrap. Our Real-Time SPC Module, on the other hand, instantly triggers manufacturers to quickly contain and fix defects through a suite of statistical charts and visualizations. In addition, it also enables manufacturers to set up email or text message alerts to stakeholders when entered data is out-of-control or out-of-spec.

i-MES SPC Module includes :-

  • Real-time display and monitoring for SPC.
  • Rolling SPC chart based on data collected from machines.
  • Automatic triggering:-
    • Alarm and SMS/email notifications when out-of-control or out-of-spec occurs.
    • Display outliers.
    • Event log.
    • Reset enabled.

About i-Mes

i-MES is an industry 4.0 shop floor online Manufacturing Execution System for smart factory. We offer end-to-end wireless network of manufacturing workflow solution.

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