Data Interfacing and Entry GUI

Production Order Input

Preventing redundant work and typo error, our system allows manufacturers to read and pull information from a barcode. With pre-populated Production information retrieved from ERP or customizable template, our data input interface provides a list of the predefined selections to choose from rather than have our users enter the information again. In applications which seamless transfer of product information and measurements are required, we develop user-friendly methods to communicate and integrate with machine tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), sensors, operators and many other sources

Information includes :-

  • Production order.
  • BOM input.
  • Production line, machine and tooling.
  • Operators and engineering personnel.
  • Production date and shifts.
  • Work order.
  • Shipping information.
  • Production target output

Barcode Creation and Printing
  • Manual or auto barcode creation
  • Manual or auto label printing
  • Historical records
  • Reprint function

About i-Mes

i-MES is an industry 4.0 shop floor online Manufacturing Execution System for smart factory. We offer end-to-end wireless network of manufacturing workflow solution.

Contact Info

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Phone : +603 2710 5044 (KL)
Phone : +65 6442 0411 (SG)
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